The Milehouse Corner playground was a long way from residential areas around the northern, eastern and southern boundaries of the park and three more playgrounds were made between 1950 and 1965. 

Glendower Road

In 1950, work started on making a playground in the Valley below Glendower Road and it opened for use in 1951. 

Newspaper photo and caption April 1951 (The Box accession reference 2732/6)

In the photograph, the workmen are constructing concrete steps for access.  The playground was abandoned, and the apparatus removed circa 2000 and more details are wanted about this.  The concrete steps remained until being finally demolished in [2017] whilst other concrete bases can still be found under the grass.


The playground near Peverell Corner, between Outland Road and Pounds House, was made in 1955 within the walls of Pounds House’s former kitchen garden.  The area above the playground was originally an orchard which must have become overgrown before being cleared and new paths laid in 1955. 

Area above the playground in 1955 with new paths and ground being cleared.  Independent 6th March 1955.
(The Box accession reference 2732/9)
The same area in 2023 (Andrew Young)

One of the old kitchen garden walls can be seen on the left of this photo taken circa 1960.  Hope Baptist Church on the other side of Peverell Park Road can be seen behind the swings. 

Peverell playground circa 1960 (The Box accession reference 3488/5748)   
The same view looking towards Hope Baptist Church in 2023 (Andrew Young)

Southern Slopes

There was a playground on the slope above Wake Street from 1965 until [date required] when increasing vandalism was among the reasons for its removal.   

Evening Herald 19th February 1965 (The Box accession reference 2732/22)