The semi-circular car park on Outland Road was part of the original Mawson design and constructed with the park between 1929 and 1931.  A row of former farm trees ran through the car park for several years afterwards as these photos from 1931 and 1948 show. 

Car park on Saturday, 3rd January 1931, Argyle at home to Bury. Western Morning News 5th January 1931. (Roger Walters)
The stadium is full but there is plenty of space for trees and parking in this 1948 photo

The trees were eventually felled by axe in 1951.  

Felling work in progress (The Box accession reference 1418/6876)

The mature trees in the grass verge along Outland Road are fastigiate hornbeams and probably planted between 1980 and 1990.  A gap remained at the verge’s western end until 2001 when members of the International Tree Foundation, Devon Branch, planted another sixteen fastigiate hornbeams.  

International Tree Foundation members planting Outland Road verge in December 2001 (Andrew Young)

The central exit road from the car park was built and its verges planted with fastigiate hornbeams at the same time as the Life Centre in 2012.  They have been cultivated as standard trees unlike those in the Outland Road verge which branch from their base.    

The car-park exit road lined with fastigiate hornbeams in 2023 (Andrew Young)

In the paved area between the car-park’s perimeter road, named Jack Leslie Way in 2022, and the Life Centre, are 7 cork oaks which were also planted as part of the Life Centre’s development.

Cork oaks on Jack Leslie Way in 2023 (Andrew Young)