Events Field

Building the Life Centre generated huge quantities of earth and rubble, not only from its deep foundations but also from the demolition of the old swimming pool.  In addition, a large heap of spoil had been deposited at the top of Zoo Field in 2001 when three sides of Argyle’s stadium were replaced with the horseshoe grandstand.   

The bulk of these unwanted materials was used to create a plateau for the Events Field in 2013, which would accommodate circuses, fun fairs and other visiting attractions.  It had a grass surface for the first five years, but the soft ground was unsuitable for heavy vehicles and soon turned to mud in wet weather.

The grass surface in 2017 as the circus departs (Andrew Young)

 In 2018, the ground was re-levelled and a permeable paving grid installed across the surface.  Since then, the Events Field has become the city’s main showground.

The same view in 2023 (Andrew Young)