Trees planted on Jubilee Row

Ruth Heaton (left), Jean Waterfield (middle) and Joan Hassall (right) were among those who as schoolchildren took part in planting trees on Coronation Avenue in 1937.  Seventy-five years later, they joined the Lord Mayor in planting the final tree to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.  With the new trees grouped along the path between Barn Park and the Clock Tower, it has become known as Jubilee Row.

The ceremonial planting took place on 25th October 2012.  Earlier plantings involved schoolchildren from Montpelier Primary School, Hyde Park Infants School and Plymouth College.  Their involvement reflected the role of schoolchildren in 1937.  

The work was jointly managed by the voluntary group, Plymouth Tree Partnership, and Plymouth City Council and the cost was met by 68 local businesses.  Plymouth City Council grounds staff did the site preparations and supervised the plantings.