The Sports Plateau

The playing fields on the western side of Discovery Way had long suffered from poor drainage and were frequently unplayable in wet weather. 

Unplayable pitches in 2014 (Andrew Young)

There was also a marked fall across the field which exceeded the sports’ governing bodies guidelines for pitch slopes. 

The improvements, started in 2018, included a level adjustment whereby the topsoil was stripped, the ground re-graded by a cut and fill process, and topsoil replaced.   This was followed by the installation of perforated plastic field drains in gravel beds spaced at 4-5 metre centres.   The drains were connected to a collector pipe leading to a soakaway above Eddystone Walk.  Fine to medium sand was incorporated into the upper topsoil layers to provide a firmer, drier playing surface. 

The soakaway being installed in 2018 (Andrew Young)

Once the levelling and drainage work had been completed, the area was seeded with a hard-wearing grass mix and tended for a year so that the new grass cover could establish.  This period was extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new pitches – a senior rugby pitch, two junior football pitches and an artificial cricket table between the football pitches – saw their first matches in 2021.