The Nissen hut cafe

Towards the top of this 1949 photo, behind the crowds and to the left of the former clock tower, can be seen the curved roof of a wartime Nissen hut. 

Nissen hut in 1949 behind the spectators. (Viv Warne)

Information about its original purpose is being sought although its closeness to the emergency feeding station on the opposite side of the clock tower suggests it could have been built as a storeroom.

The hut was painted a dull green and was used as a café after the war.  It had a flap that lowered to a counter on the side facing Cottage Field. There was an entrance at the end facing the clock tower and there were a few tables and chairs inside.

Personal memories suggest that the hut was still in use as a café at least until 1958.  If you can assist with any further information, please get in touch.