When the park was made, the junction between Alma Road and Outland Road was a simple crossroads, and the park’s main entrance path led from the crossroads.  The children’s playground and paddling pools were in the area between the entrance path and Outland Road.

 In 1966, a report recommended improvements to the road junction that would take about three acres of parkland and require the park entrance to be set further back.

Evening Herald, 15th January 1966 (The Box accession reference 2732/24)

When these road improvements were completed in 1967, Outland Road cut a corner from the children’s playground.

Aerial view circa 1975 (Stephen Johnson)

The present road layout was made in 1994 and involved the loss of a further strip of parkland.  The children’s playground had already been demolished by then and the main impact was to realign the entrance path with a curve at its lower end to make a gentle gradient onto Alma Road. 

Aerial view in February 2021 (Stephen Johnson)