The first bowling pavilion

For four seasons after the first match in 1932, bowlers would not have had a pavilion in which to change or entertain visiting teams so the one built in 1935 must have been a welcome improvement.  Little is known about this pavilion except that it was quite small (about 40 ft x 20 ft) but nonetheless distinguished in appearance with Georgian-style windows, limestone walls and a slated hipped roof. 

Bowling pavilion construction plans (The Box accession reference PCC/60/1/12045)

It appears that this first pavilion was destroyed by enemy action during the second world war.  The evidence comes from the Bomb Book entry for 12th August 1943 which shows a red dot close to the pavilion and the Civil Defence sector map which shows it struck through with red ink in the same way as other buildings that are known to have been bombed.  Both these documents are held in The Box.

After the war, one or more temporary structures were installed, probably made of wood. They were eventually replaced by the present pavilion c1980.     

The present bowling pavilion before being extended in 2019 to make the Community Sports Hub (Matthew Pontin)