1962 - 1978 Visiting the Zoo

Opened in 1962, Plymouth Zoo was hugely popular, attracting 50,000 visitors a year during its heyday. It incorporated a quarantine facility where imported animals were kept before they went to other zoos which meant there was a wide variety to see, including elephants, pumas, giraffes, hippos and penguins.  The zoo closed in 1978 due to declining attendance and some concerns about animal welfare. The site of the zoo was quickly turned into a skatepark by the Chipperfield Family.

David Stapley has kindly shared these images of him visiting the zoo in August 1964 when he was 5. We would always be glad to receive other photos from family albums; please send to info@focpp.org.uk

Sandra Peters recalls memories of a summer spent working in the zoo. https://soundcloud.com/fotonowcic/sets/central-park-history-project