1937 Milehouse entrance idea

At the start of the Coronation year, 1937, two stone pillars at the entrance to Compton Park Villas Road (now Compton Avenue) became available, prompting a discussion about where they should be re-sited.   

Stone pillars at the entrance to Compton Park Villas Road, 1937

One suggestion was to make the main entrance to Central Park at Milehouse more imposing.  As well as the two pillars, an artist proposed that there should be a memorial to Captain Scott near his childhood home at Outlands.  He published a sketch in the Western Morning News on 28th January 1937 and asked if the existing Scott Memorial at Mount Wise overlooking the Sound could be moved to this spot. 

The Western Morning News approached the chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee, Mr E. Stanley Leatherby, for comment and he was reported as being against moving the Scott Memorial.  Regarding the two pillars, he said that the committee had decided to declare them to be surplus stores and he was quoted as saying “The Parks and Recreation Committee realize we already have far too many monuments of this kind in our open spaces.”      

Others approached for comment were mostly against moving the Scott memorial.  Mr J. J. H. Moses, chairman of Plymouth Estates Committee responded: “I do not quite favour the removal of the memorial from Mount Wise. Perhaps a replica of it could be established at the entrance to Central Park.”

Captain R. C. Bridges (Drake Division Conservative and National agent) supported the idea to move the Scott memorial to Milehouse and said he thought the design as shown in the Western Morning News extremely fine.