Hutted camp on Alma Road

A hutted camp was established on the eastern side of Alma Road just to the north of Upper Knollys Terrace.  The layout and shapes in this 1947 aerial photograph suggest it may have been built incrementally in response to changing needs. 

1947 aerial photograph with the hutted camp showing on the eastern side of Alma Road (National Library of Scotland)

A record in The Box (1646-363) headed “Central Park Camp” confirms that some of the huts were completed mid-December 1942 to provide living quarters for women of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS).  They would have been employed as gun crews on the anti-aircraft site above the camp and in a range of other vital roles including as drivers, clerks and storekeepers. 

Later in the war, after 1944, the camp was re-purposed for keeping prisoners of war.