1966 A fox hunt

Remarkably, a fox hunt took place in Central Park on 21st January 1966.  The zoo had been losing its ornamental fowl and penguins to fox raids and in response Plymouth Corporation invited the Fowey Hunt for a day’s sport.  They came with a pack of hounds and two terriers but followed on foot, not horses.  No firearms were carried.

It was reported that eight foxes were flushed out and two killed, one just inside Ford Park Cemetery.  The Hunt Master was quoted as saying, “it had been an interesting day though the scenting conditions were not good. They had shaken up and scattered the foxes for the time being.”

Master of the Fowey Hunt holding up a dead fox. Western Morning News 22nd January 1966
(The Box accession reference 2732/24)

While the threat of fox raids remained, staff at the zoo took turns to keep watch over the penguins which could not be shut in.

Zoo manager’s daughter guarding the penguins. The Independent 23rd January 1966
(The Box accession reference 2732/24)