Alma Road pavement set into the park

The Western Evening Herald reported on 25th September 1947 that the Alma Road widening scheme had begun.  The condition of this highway had been causing considerable criticism and it was decided to take the opportunity to remove the derelict tram-rails and to improve and widen the road to include dual carriageways.

A description of the scheme was included: “The widening of the road includes the present footpath which is to be elevated and ‘inset’ on the edge of Central Park, and brought down to highway level in the vicinity of bus stops, thus giving pedestrians ‘the feeling of walking in the park.’”

Before the 1947 road widening scheme, the park’s boundary with Alma Road followed a retaining wall along the pavement. This picture from 1938, taken during the Bath and West Show with advertising hoardings above the wall, shows how the road looked previously.

Alma Road in 1938 with tram rails and retaining wall beside the pavement (Western Morning News, 13th August 1938)