• 1981City Engineer’s report
    This report is significant because it shows a realisation of the need for a planned approach to future development. Before 1981, developments had been undertaken in a largely uncoordinated way. The report was commissioned by the Council’s Leisure Services Committee and one of its appendices contains a 1928 report from the park’s designer to the Hoe and Parks Committee.
  • 2001Action Plan
    At the start of the new Millennium, the condition of parks across the country was a cause for concern after years of under-funding and Central Park was no exception. This report followed a public consultation about Central Park in 2000 and went on to identify priorities for improvements.
  • 2002Historic Landscape Assessment
    One of the recommendations from the 2001 Action Plan was to undertake a historic survey of the park in order to understand better the heritage of the park and improve the way it was interpreted. The Historic Landscape Assessment was commissioned to fill this need and, whilst it made a very significant contribution, it also identified a lack of historic images and recommended that oral history techniques be used to help establish the community value of the park.